Friday, August 23, 2019


When you walk in to see a prospective customer or when you call on an existing customer, be enthusiastic.

To be a successful sales person, you need to generate a positive first impression. Prepare yourself mentally for your presentation and your customer will feel it. If you walk into their home or office as though you are dragging a 50 pound weight, they will sense that. You are then wasting your time; you might as well have never gone to see them in the first place.

The first objective of any successful sales person should be to help, not just to make a sale. The person you are talking to will sense whether you are sincere about their needs. After all, their needs are why you are there in the first place. Once you have established their needs, then help them satisfy those needs. If you put helping first, then you will not have to sell as hard and your sales will increase.

How do you determine your customer’s needs? First, ask questions, find out what issues they are having, what are their needs? Second, listen to the answers they give to your questions. Third, work with your customer to analyze those answers and therein will lie the needs.

When you are selling, you are doing something to them. However, when you are helping, you are really doing something for them.

After you have helped your customer determine their needs, then take the final step - “ask for the order”. It is amazing how many sales people neglect to do that.

Above all remember to be enthusiastic.

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