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How to win the big carpet cleaning contract

No one usually imagines landing the big contract on the first sales call. Even though you may offer superior products and services, a prospect has to be convinced.

This is where your sales abilities come into play. Preparation is the key. You should have thoroughly analyzed the prospects needs and they carefully prepare a presentation that “step by step” takes you to landing the big contract.

Step 1 is to establish a relationship with your prospect. It may take several calls or face to face meetings to gather facts, to answer questions and in general to get better acquainted. Once again it is important to gather information, to gauge the personality of your prospect and to learn about any problems and concerns they have.

Step 2 is to carefully analyze your information. What is the best way to appeal to your prospect? If you were in their situation, what would you be looking for in a service provider. The more you can identify with your prospect and see things from their point of view, the better you’ll be able to design a presentation that will appeal to them.

Step 3 is to not rush your presentation. You’ve got your facts and figures and you have analyzed their needs. Take your time when making your presentation, when finished ask for any questions or comments. Be prepared and try to foresee any questions or objections.
If they ask something that either you can't immediately answer or did not prepare for, do not appear flustered. Ask for time to address the situation and tell them you will contact them when you have an answer. Do not wait too long as you do not want them to lose interest.

Landing the Big Contract is usually hard work. It takes a great deal of planning, effort and patience. But successful Carpet Cleaning Companies know it is worth it.

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