Friday, September 25, 2020


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Sometimes it takes more than hard work to be successful. You could work on the truck 8 hours a day 6 days a week and still not make a profit.

How can that be? While some owner/operators are great cleaners, they may lack some basic business skills or who they have hired and entrusted to provide those skills is not doing their job. While the following patterns will not guarantee success and or a profit, they will provide you a much better chance of achieving them.

Number One: Your phone should be answered by a live person, whether it is you or someone else. Potential or existing customers like an immediate response to their questions or to book a job.

Number Two: Be sure you are pricing your service to make a profit. Know what your expenses are. This will enable you to price your service adequately. If possible, place yourself in the middle to upper price range of your market. In most markets, you don’t want to be the most expensive. Conversely,you don’t want to be the cheapest. All that guarantees is that you will be very busy but you will not be making much, if any, profit.

Number Three: Image breeds success and ultimately profit. Be sure your truck is neat and clean and you and your employees are uniformed and professional. If you want to charge top or close to top dollar, you have to look the part.

Number Four: Advertising should be well planned and adhere to a budget. Try not to spend outside that budget unless it is absolutely necessary. From time to time, you will be solicited with requests for an advertising deal or from groups doing bulletins, mailers, etc. If you constantly add these and other unplanned expenses to your advertising budget, then very quickly your budget has been blown.

Number Five: Plan your purchases, whether it be for cleaning supplies, office supplies, etc. Try to purchase in large enough quantities to avail yourself of possible discounts and lower, if not free, shipping costs. Buying a gallon of this or that every week is a profit drainer.

Taking these and other potential problems and keeping them in check will help you Create Patterns For Success.

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