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No-Franchise Fee with Bane-Clene

There have been many articles written about franchising covering a myriad number of business ventures. One of the significant factors referenced for the success of a franchise is the system.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, successful franchises follow proven business techniques and disciplines and do not deviate from the policies that have made the company successful.

This is what we have done at Bane-Clene®.

So what are individuals looking for when wanting to start a company?

Training and marketing support are at the top of list. Bane-Clene Institute® holds comprehensive classes covering cleaning techniques, sales and marketing strategies and general business management to name but a few of the topics discussed.

The Company’s credibility and standing in their field of endeavor is also of high importance.

How long has the Company been in business is another crucial element. Bane-Clene® has been serving the cleaning industry Since 1962.

Our proven and time tested equipment and chemicals have been awarded the CRI’s Seal of Approval®.

Does the company operate the same type of business they are promoting? The Wm. F. Bane Co., a division of Bane-Clene® Systems, provides cleaning of Carpet, Furniture, Area Rugs and various types of hard surface floors on a daily basis.

Bane-Clene® offers Video Training in which employees can be trained where they live.

A Toll-Free Hot line that is answered “live” puts customers in touch with experts that can answer their questions and provide advice and consultation all at no charge.

The “Network of Excellence” Referral program provides referrals to Carpet Mills, Fiber Producers and consumers looking for a certified Bane-Clene® Owner/Operator in their locale.

Bane-Clene® offers all this and more without the fees associated with a franchise, thus allowing the Owner/Operator to keep all of their profits.

Thus, Bane-Clene® is the Non-Franchise Franchise.

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