Friday, January 29, 2021

Employee Character

Sometimes the fear of hiring the wrong person prevents a company from hiring anyone.

Employee Character will eventually come to define a company. For example, if a technician is abrupt and lacks the social skills to communicate with customers, they will offend them and drive customers away. No amount of advertising will overcome this negativity and loss of goodwill. All because that employee lacked basic social skills.

So what are the positive aspects of Employee Character a company is looking for? Essential characteristics are:

  • Ambition. They must have the desire to succeed.
  • Self-esteem. This allows them to project a positive and professional image to the customer.
  • Salesmanship. They must be able to sell products and other services without strong arm tactics.
  • Honesty. They must only sell what is needed.
  • Tenacity. They have the drive to achieve without being pushy or overbearing.
  • Integrity. They give the customer what they have paid for without cutting corners.
  • Patience. They will allow the customer time to explain the problems they have.
  • Driving Skills. This may possibly be the most important characteristic. They must possess good driving skills, a service vehicle is a rolling billboard.

It may seem impossible to find an individual with all of these attributes. Many such individuals do exist and only need be given the opportunity to prove themselves.

Once again Employee Character will make or break a company, hiring the right employees will make a company successful and profitable.

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