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Handshake of owner to employee

Once a business grows to the point when an owner can leave the field, then they become a hands-off owner.

This can either be positive or a negative event. At first, it will probably be a negative as the owner tries to do everything just as they did when it was basically just them running the business.

The owner that left the field and is now working in the office or behind the scenes will have a feeling of not being as important as they once were. It can be hard to watch others do what once they were doing. They may initially feel that the work is not being done properly or as good as they could do.

So what happens at that point? Good owners will manage but not be overbearing. They will accentuate positive achievements by their team, while avoiding overly negative reactions when things don’t go as planned. These owners are highly motivated, sometimes impatient and possibly overbearing.

While the aforementioned qualities are assets when building a business, they may become liabilities as the company becomes larger and older. They will remain assets, if the owner learns to trust the people they have hired to perform the jobs they were hired to do. If the owner micro-manages their employees, then these attributes become liabilities.

So how does an owner stay involved but allow employees to do their jobs? A good owner will focus on opportunities to grow and strengthen the business. They will seek more work through strong advertising and marketing strategies. They will continue to build a strong inner company culture. This culture coming from the principles and ideals they had when founding their business. They allow their employees to make decisions that they once made. They watch as their employees solve problems that once were theirs to solve.

Finally, they promote their company within their community and their industry. This builds the company’s image and standing.

This way, they remain a hands off owner by allowing their employees to do their jobs.

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