Friday, November 05, 2021


There's something about criticizing people who aren't there to defend themselves that normally offends most people's sense of business etiquette. Even if the criticism is justified, it doesn't make a positive impression.

It may also, in a sense, imply that the person who bought the product or service made a mistake. Insulting a prospect is no way to make a sale.

Also, if someone is busy criticizing the competition, they may not spend enough time in selling their Company and what it has to offer.

So how does someone proceed to project the idea that their product or service is better?

Know the competition and what it is they can offer. Then specific details should be given on how one's own product or service will be of benefit to a prospect. Emphasis should especially be made on definite advantages. Once these advantages are pointed out, it is a good idea to ask the prospect to make their own comparisons. When asking comparisons to be made, it should be done tactfully.

While criticizing the competition may occasionally produce a sale, in the long run it will have the opposite result. That said then more often than not emphasizing one's own service or product advantages will obtain the desired results.

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