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Being an owner, manager, supervisor, etc. is easier when you have staff that works hard, follows operating procedures and genuinely care about their jobs.

But what can be done, if whom you have does not fit the bill or you can’t find new people to join your company to accomplish your goals?

Above all, do not complain about the situation in front of the staff. This alienates those that are fitting the bill. Also, it will not improve the attitudes and performance of those who are not doing their job to the standards that are expected.

Different strategies should be taken depending on your position in the Company. If there are multiple owners, then a meeting should be called to discuss alternatives. If you are the sole owner of the Company, you could meet with a trusted Advisor. If you are not the owner of the Company, then go to the owner(s) or your immediate boss and discuss the situation. Whichever scenario your situation fits any discussions certainly needs to be done privately.

After you have stated your case, listen to what is being said. Your boss, other owners or an Advisor are going to have their opinions and ideas. If you felt it necessary to discuss the situation, then once again you want to listen to what they have to say.

Attracting new help willing to work is extremely difficult especially in these current times. So the obvious course of action is to work with existing staff. Your first step is to review with your staff what they perceive their duties to be and what do they do to accomplish them. After that information is gathered, you will know what needs to be done. Do you need to start over with training and procedures? Or is it just a matter of tweaking what is being done and how?

No matter what course you take, be cheerful and encouraging. Above all, be patient, realize that there will probably be some errors or missteps. If your staff is striving to do their best, then acknowledge that effort, even if they are not doing it exactly as you would like. Recognizing and appreciating their effort will encourage them to strive to do even better.

Anyone can be a good “boss” when they have excellent staff to work with. The true test is what can be accomplished when the present staff is not as good as they need to be.

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