Friday, April 21, 2023


Decision making

The decision making process is about gathering and reviewing information. The quality of this information that is considered will obviously effect the decision. Seek information that is valid, pertinent and otherwise relative to the decision. Conversely, flawed, incorrect or incomplete information could lead to an ineffective decision being considered or worse yet implemented. Here are a few ideas that may make that decision making process less daunting and ultimately lead to the correct one being chosen.

  1. Carefully analyze the situation consider the benefits and the risks of the decision.
  2. Look at as many alternatives as possible or is practical.
  3. Gather the necessary information to proceed.
  4. If necessary or needed, consult with others for their advice and input.
  5. Once a decision is made take timely action.
  6. Communicate the decision to those affected.
  7. Follow up to make sure the decision has been implemented.

After taking the above steps, it is time to review the decision. Did it achieve the desired results? If the answer is yes, then it is time to move forward. Unfortunately, not all decisions will give the desired results or solve the problem. If that is the case, then the situation should be re-evaluated and the process started again. Do not be reluctant to tackle the situation again even if the first result was not what was desired.

That would be a bad decision.

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