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Have you ever heard someone say: “You are not listening are you hearing what I am saying?” If someone says “listen,” they are wanting you to pay attention and “hear” what they are saying. Many consider there is a definable difference between listening and hearing. This merits considering the plausible and possibly undeniable differences between them.

Listening is defined as a purposeful action employed by a person when they are interested and actively listening to what someone is saying. It can either be active or passive. Active listening would mean they are absorbing and therefore paying attention to the person talking to them. They may be curious, anxious, annoyed or have one of many other emotional reactions. Ultimately, they will develop a response. This response could obviously be positive or negative depending on what is being said. Being a good listener will help build strong and genuine relationships with people. Choosing to actively listen to a person shows them that what they have to say matters. Passive listening would be defined as being disconnected and inattentive to what is being said. Consequentially, active listening is an important quality to possess and may assist in resolving potential conflicts that can ultimately damage relationships. Conversely, passive listening is not a good way to communicate if you are intending to build and or strengthen a relationship.

So in a simplistic viewpoint, passive listening could be defined as hearing. A physical act no matter whether it is words or sounds. It tends to be passive and requires no concentration or attention. It is just a function of using ones’ ears. If someone elects not to listen because they are too busy or not interested in what is being said they are minimizing those talking. Therefore, just hearing may potentially create rifts in relationships and those may be irreversible

Be a good listener; don’t just hear what is being said.

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