Friday, April 07, 2023


One of the essential qualities of a good boss is giving credit where credit is due. Too often. managers, bosses, supervisors, etc. take credit for other people’s ideas. This effectively does two things: lessens the respect their subordinates have for them and therefore consequently undermines their authority. Would you bust your hump for someone who constantly took credit for the ideas of others? The answer is a resounding NO.

People will put forth their greatest efforts when they are implementing ideas that they can claim as their own. Not all ideas will merit consideration. Therefore, it is up to the boss to weed out bad or marginal ones and cultivate the good ones. Giving people credit will elicit their support and they will enthusiastically adopt the plan. This strategy by the boss of recognizing the person’s idea will have the added benefit of encouraging others to come forth with their own ideas.

Bosses taking credit for the ideas that are not their own sows the seeds of discontent and discord.

Once again, give credit where credit is due and your Company will sow good seeds and reap the benefit of greater productivity and success.

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