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Urgency was once the watchword for every da life. Whether in someone's personal or business lives this was what motivated people.

Too often today, assignments are met with an attitude of, “I’ll get to it when I can.” Making a job or task last longer for perceived job security or not finishing it until tomorrow is considered an acceptable way by many.

In reality, if the job was finished as expediently as possible not only would the company benefit but also the employee would benefit by actually increasing their job security. An employer would view this as a “can do” attitude as opposed to just putting in the required time.

Additionally, those in charge would realize the value of this person and it would foster better relationships in the work place. In all fairness, there are many distractions today, text messages, personal phone calls, checking personal e-mails or just perusing the web all can and will take away from an employee's productivity. An employee that can rise above all those distractions or keep them to a bare minimum will quickly show their worth and value to a Company.

All that said, a sense of urgency must start at the top. Management and or owners should never show a nonchalant attitude when dealing with day to day activities. Employees shouldn’t be expected to care if their boss exudes an air of indifference or appears lackadaisical.

Exhibiting a sense of urgency by management and employees will increase productivity and translate into more profits and therefore success for everyone and the Company.

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