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A vacation is considered a respite or break from something. Just thinking about the word conjures up certain pleasant mental images. Depending on your preference it could be the beach, the mountains, theme parks or a myriad of other enjoyable locales.

Our jobs can bring moments of stress and anxiety. Whether, we work on the phone or out in the field it all mounts up. Demanding customers, broken supply chains, time restraints and pressures from bosses or colleagues are just a few of the situations we face day-to-day. However, in the world we now live in, a real vacation may just be a dream. Costs continue to rise and travel can be a hassle. While certainly abated, the specter of Covid still exists. Many places once considered safe are not. Yet, we all need something to relieve stress and anxiety.

To that end, perhaps a mini-vacation will help. Before you take the next phone call or arrive at the next service location or designation, take time to “get-a-way”. If you are in the office, you can get a cup of coffee or just take a short walk. If driving, pull over and get out and stretch your legs. Take a moment to close your eyes and envision a place that makes you smile. While your eyes are closed, take a few deep breaths and avoid thinking about work, appointments or pending duties. Continue reflecting and let your mind relax and transport you as you float away to your perfect vacation spot. If you allow it, you can experience a vacation without ever being there.

After a few minutes on vacation, you’ll be ready to get back to work feeling invigorated, refreshed and with a renewed outlook.

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