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The phone is the life line of a service business. Granted there are advertising campaigns, web sites, customer referral, etc. These and other tangible efforts are designed to do one thing, make the phone ring.

From that point forward, how that call is handled will determine the outcome of the call. Will it be a “sale” or a lost opportunity? In many instances, service companies rely on voice mail or answering services to handle the initial contact. Whether by necessity or design, these are not the best ways to handle the phone inquiry. Many times, a potential customer is “shopping” therefore they are looking for immediate answers. The majority of the time, they may leave a message but will more than likely be making other calls to competitors. Possibly by the time their call is returned, they may have made a “buying” decision.

For the sake of this blog, the discussion will presume the phone call has been answered “live” or returned before the potential customer has made a buying decision.

  • Calls should be answered with a “smile” on the phone representative’s face. Callers can actually “feel” the smile as well as a grimace or frown.
  • A cheery voice and the ability to answer questions are worth their weight in gold (literally).
  • A phone voice is a lot like a handshake. It should project strength and sincerity. Welcoming and pleasant phrases should be employed at all times.
  • If possible, avoid putting the potential customer on hold. If needed, ask permission by saying “may I put you on hold for a few moments while I check our schedule or resolve the answer to your question”?
  • If putting the call on “hold” is necessitated, be sure the call is muted. That way the customer doesn’t hear abject background noises or actual conversations which may be either distracting or potentially embarrassing.

The phone should be viewed as importantly as the tools and technicians used in the Company. Failure to do so will prevent a chance to display the quality of the service business.

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