Wednesday, February 15, 2012

8,062,565 accesses in 2011

There were 686,696 accesses to the Bane-Clene web site in January. Customers ordered supplies, visited Catalog, Information pages, MSDS, Spot removal guides, Troubleshooting charts, Cleaning Digest™, Clene-Times™ and visited my Blog.

Carpet mills, retailers, insurance adjusters, plumbers, painters and realty firms used this web site, too. But most of the visitors were CONSUMERS. We know because when they can't find a local cleaner in our referral directory, they call our toll free number.

Thousands of potential customers are seeking information about cleaning. You may have a direct link to this busy web site for a one time fee of only $99, with NO maintenance or renewal fees. This is the advertising bargain of the century!

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