Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A good reason to come back to school

If you're interested in direct mail marketing, we've been investigating a new program that makes direct mail more effective and actually costs less than before. The new mail-marketing program will be presented at Bane-Clene Institute beginning with March classes. Direct mail has always been a preferred way for our company to reach new prospects for both our service company and the supply business, too.

Direct mail lost much of its effectiveness because so many used it and the price kept going up. But with the transition of many marketers to the social media, postal usage has dropped off considerably. Residents don't get as much "Junk Mail" as they once did so it's more effective than ever to reach those exclusive neighborhoods that are prime prospects for our service.

So many folks sit back and complain about how tough our business is these days. Then there are those who say, "What if?" This new mailing program may be just the thing the "What if's" need to kick their business into a higher gear. At least give it a try!

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