Monday, June 17, 2013

News flash from Dalton

"The Carpet and Rug Institute's Seal of Approval testing and certification program now stands at 374 solutions, 427 vacuums, 94 deep‑cleaning extractors and 104 systems for a total 999."

For more than ten years, CRI™ has been trying to recruit professional cleaners to their Certified Service Provider program. Today there are a little over 800 of those, down from more than 1,000 two years ago. With more than 40,000 carpet cleaning firms, 60,000 janitorial services and a million rental machines out there working on carpet, it's strange that more have not signed on. Since it only costs $25 a year to be certified, you'd think there would be 30,000 taking advantage of the benefits of such a program.

CRI has convinced some carpet mills to tie their warranties to the Seal of Approval testing and certification program. Does anyone in Dalton have any idea about what the real world is about?

This boondoggle will only lead to further loss of consumer confidence in carpet and to another decline in carpet sales. There are many in the cleaning industry crying, "Pity the poor consumer." It's much closer to home than that. If those in the Dalton cocoon don't get their heads out in the fresh air they're going to hurt the entire carpet cleaning industry.

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