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An employee is an extension of management and ownership. They normally are the first representative to come in contact with a potential customer. They then become responsible for customer satisfaction. The company’s success and the customer’s satisfaction depends on the attitude, appearance and performance of the employee.

Based upon these principles we offer some basic guidelines for employees:

  • Live, knowledgeable people should answer inquiries and customers’ questions. These may include, but not be limited to, carpet and upholstery cleaning and other services the Company offers. Consumers are busy and deserve quick, concise and informational answers to their questions.
  • Technicians should be well groomed and uniformed. They should be paid an amount that encourages good work. Some methods that accomplish that are strict commission or salary or hourly rates plus a commission bonus based upon performance and revenue.
  • Employees must be bondable and insurable. Current drivers license should be verified.
  • Proper screening and interviewing should be done. The character of employees is extremely important since they will often be alone in a customers’ premises.
  • If background checks and drug testing are done, they should be conducted by independent services. If implementing these type of tests be aware of local labor laws that may dictate exactly what can be done.
  • Employees should sign an employment agreement. This should outline what is expected of them and what they can expect of your Company. Once again be aware of what wording is allowable in the agreement.

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