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All of us are faced with “price merchant” competitors and “price shopper” consumers. When a consumer “Calls Bane On The Carpet®”, our representative whether in person or on the phone always points out “all” that is included with our service. Many competitors charge extra for moving furniture, pre-sprays, spotting and other “basics” that we include.

Phone or on-line estimates will be given with the understanding that the price will be confirmed, by the technician before the job is started. There will be no charge in the event the customer does not wish to have the service performed.

The price quoted will include the movement of all furniture except that contain breakable items. Heavy items such as pianos, china cabinets, etc. will only be moved upon request, with a signed waiver of responsibility and an extra charge negotiated. Commercially, this would include desks, file cabinets, copiers, etc. Computers should never be moved, period.

These are the guidelines for our services:

  1. Travel charges are included unless the job is outside our normal service area.
  2. Bringing our own pre-softened water for cleaning and removal of recovered dirty water and soil from their premises.
  3. Adding Per-Scent® to our cleaning solution for an extra clean fragrance.
  4. All cleaning agents and chemicals including TLS® 2000 Traffic Lane Spotter and Preface® Prespray.
  5. Pre-spotting of carpets.
  6. Wiping down baseboards and adjacent floors if they show signs of over-spray.
  7. Cleaning of door and extra mats at no charge.
  8. Raking of carpets and setting the pile after cleaning.

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