Friday, January 12, 2018


Public and employee safety is extremely important. Consumers are wanting to feel assured that the people who are coming into their homes and or businesses are trustworthy.

That being the case we have set forth some basic guidelines that are important:

  • A technician must have a valid driver’s license. Safety classes should be conducted since vehicles may be operated in areas where pedestrians are present.
  • Before leaving a customer’s premises, the driver should walk around the vehicle to be sure there is no one around the vehicle. If there is a second technician, they should remain outside the vehicle if it needs to be backed up before leaving.
  • All drivers should receive training in courteous driving. Company vehicles are rolling billboards. Therefore, courteous driving is a tremendous public relations tool.
  • Technicians should place caution mats at any place where damp carpeting intersects hard surface floors.
  • Operating and cleaning techniques should be safe to operators, bystanders and customers. Management is responsible for training employees in the usage of all equipment, accessories and chemicals.
  • If technicians are working in vacant or premises where the customer is not on site, then proper care should be exercised when securing the premises before leaving.

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