Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Cleaning School Carpets in the Summer

The Season of School Carpet Cleaning from Kennays Carpet Care

Image of School Carpet Partly Cleaned

Kennays Carpet Care recently posted an article on their Facebook page titled “Busy getting the carpet clean for the schools.”

Summer is indeed the time when schools are used less and the carpets are cleaned and treated with protector.

School carpet cleaning should always be a part of your commercial carpet cleaning business, but it can be very competitive.

Schools will often call upon cleaning companies to help at this time of year because their cleaning staff have made a mess of the carpets doing interim cleaning and spotting.

Many schools simply haven’t the proper equipment to do the best job.

Image of Stained School Carpet BEFORE Kennays Carpet Care Cleaned It

Above is a picture of a school carpet BEFORE Kennays cleaned it.

Image of Stained School Carpet AFTER Kennays Carpet Care Cleaned It

Above is a picture the school carpet AFTER Kennays cleaned it.

About Kennays Carpet Care - from Kennays’ Facebook Page:

“Kennays have been in the carpet cleaning business for over 30 years. We started using The Bane-Clene® System in 1985. It is a Truck Mounted System and Bane-Clene® is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. They provide us with our equipment, detergents and the knowledge needed for the highest quality carpet and furniture cleaning.”

“We don’t use the customer’s water. We don’t dump a pile of lint in your driveways. We don’t pour dirty water onto your lawn. No noises, no fumes. We can even pull into your attached garage, close the door and operate safely in bad weather. Foul, muggy odors are exhausted outside into the holding tank and taken away. Carpets and Furnishings are left clean, deodorized, nice-smelling and nearly dry. PROFESSIONAL!”

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Date Published: July 17, 2019

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VIDEO: Bane-Clene® Cleaning School Carpet

Cleaning School Carpet with Bane-Clene Equipment - Going Portable with Base Unit.