Friday, July 12, 2019


People like to do business with a company that they can trust. The quality of that trustworthiness is the key to building customer confidence.
The owner or manager of a high quality Carpet Cleaning Company should do everything they can to convince their customers of their integrity. They do not make exaggerated claims or statements. They rely on the truth and base their sales presentations on facts. They realize they have to back up their promises with proof and results.
They are careful about making commitments for delivery and or service that they can’t keep. They always make promises based upon assurances and follow up to make sure all is done as promised. If unforeseen circumstances cause a promise to be broken, they call and apologize to their customers immediately. They then get to work on the problem right away, doing everything they can to fix the situation.
Building trustworthiness means representing your customers’ best interests. Trust isn’t built in a day. It may take weeks or months to build a firm base of confidence with each customer. They must be sure they don’t do anything to shake that customer’s trust.

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