Friday, August 20, 2021


If a prospective customer tells you no, then ask them why not. While this may seem a bit brash, it should cause the prospect to explain why they said no.

However, what happens if you have a prospect that basically just answers yes or no during your entire presentation. It’s difficult to know how you are doing. You can’t be sure what objections there may be or what advantages have been of importance. The best way to handle this type of prospect is to ask questions that will require more than a simple yes or no response, this will strategically involve the prospect into your presentation.

Something to remember, if the conversation seems to lag because of the prospects short answers don’t rush through your presentation thinking you have to fill dead air. Be patient, after each major point of your presentation ask the prospect a question. Don’t ask them if they have any questions; that just gives them the chance to give short and noncommittal responses. Once again, you want to engage the prospect.

By asking the right questions interwoven with your presentation, you should be able to avoid asking the prospect why not. They may say no, but you will at least know why.

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