Friday, July 08, 2022


Motivation is a powerful tool, it can be positive or it can be negative. Many refer to this motivation as the “Carrot and Stick”. The carrot is a reward for doing good. The stick is the consequence for not doing well. It motivates people by creating actionable goals and desirable rewards when jobs are done well. Conversely there are repercussions if jobs are not done well.

But in the long run, positive Motivation will normally produce the desired results. So how does one provide that Motivation to employees? Basically this is done by providing these wants and desires.

  • Economic stability. Employees should feel that their time and effort is fairly compensated.
  • Emotional stability. Management should create an atmosphere in which employees feel that their jobs contribute to the goal of the company.
  • Recognition. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and praised for a job well done.
  • Self-Expression. Employees should feel that they can communicate ideas or concerns to management and that they will be listened to.
  • Self-respect. Simply put, employees feel that they are part of the company not just a tool.

Positive Motivation in the long run will produce the desired results and therefore more success and better profits for the company.

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