Thursday, March 16, 2023


No matter the vocation or profession, the proper tools will bring success.

Watching a professional painter, you quickly realize that they do not use an inexpensive paintbrush. Such inferior equipment, in addition to taking too long, not carrying enough paint and wearing out quickly, produces generally unsatisfactory work.

Professional carpenters use heavy duty saws, hammers, etc and always have extra blades and back-up tools with them.

You don’t see a farmer plowing 150 acres with a tractor that was purchased at a big box store. The tractors, combines and other tools they use get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Professional athletes use the best equipment available and take advantage of constant coaching to attain and then remain on top of their game. The coach’s task is to observe and instruct, all the while keeping abreast of the latest developments in the sport.

There are golfers who go out every weekend and “practice to be bad”. They may have professional tools, but instead of seeking advice and coaching from the club professional, they blame their poor play on the wind, the course and even the caddie!

To be a real winner and achieve success in any chosen profession or field of endeavor, one must use the best equipment and techniques available. They should seek good coaching, schooling and instruction.

Use the proper tools and take advantage of learning from professionals who are winners. Never take advice from losers!

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