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The rapport you establish and the approach applied with customers requires balance.

Typically there are different styles.

  • Some people are pleasant and friendly. They may even be gregarious and extroverted. However, that may not be the approach with all customers, who may feel more comfortable in a formal business setting. They may feel this type of style means the person is not really serious about what they do or sell.
  • The opposite approach is to totally take control of a situation. A person with these attributes will be self-assured, aggressive and may even appear bossy. This approach will generally work with certain customers. But more than likely alienate the majority of the customers. Customers want to be sold but not be dictated to.

Most people can claim some of both of these types of attributes. So what might be the proper balance? Sales people should take the time to evaluate their own attributes. Being self aware of yourself and what style you possess and what style you want to present. Play to your strengths and avoid your weaknesses so that you present the perfect balance in order to increase sales and profits.

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