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Bane-Clene Carpet Cleaning Van

Service units that are well lettered and clean are tremendous assets to a company in regards to public relations and advertising. Unfortunately, the reverse can be true.

Take the example of a cowboy driver jockeying a van in and out of traffic with the company name readable a block away. How many prospective customers do you suppose could be adversely affected by his or her wild and potentially dangerous ride?

Or, how about the van that double parks and blocks a lane of traffic while the driver goes into a store to pick up an order?

Then, there’s the driver who won’t let the car out of the parking lot into a lane of traffic.

The list could go on almost indefinitely. The results are guaranteed to be the same in every instance. Those people denied an entrance to a traffic lane, cut off, or scared half out of their wits, will certainly remember the slogan and name on the side of the vehicle.… Call ‘Us’ On The Carpet®.

Therefore, they never will unless it’s to admonish the Company for their drivers’ behavior.

A professional driver is courteous, cautious, obeys speed limits and is always watchful for others who may not be driving that way.

On the operational side, a professional driver always checks the gasoline, oil, water and tires of the vehicle before leaving the garage. That vehicle will be responsible for all of the income earned that day and a good driver will extend the proper and necessary time to ensure that the vehicle will function properly all day.

Reckless driving and careless maintenance are the signs of immature drivers and people who really don’t care about their profession or perhaps a combination of both.

As owners, we should do our best to be sure our drivers are living up to and demonstrating the desired image of our Company.

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