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We have all at one time or another been in the presence of a person who is or who we felt was irritating. It is important when communicating with customers or prospects either in person or over the phone that we make a favorable impression. Here are some “habits” that might be attributed to someone who could be considered irritating.

  • Is the person speaking too fast or in such a manner that prevents others from clearly understanding what message is being conveyed?
  • Is there an overuse of “hmm” or in general “pauses”?
  • Do they “talk with their hands” by constantly gesturing and waving their hands about while they talk?
  • Does the talker imply that the listener isn’t able to grasp what is being said by uttering phrases like “Do you understand?” or “See what I mean?”
  • Do they constantly look at their watch implying they don’t have much time to talk?
  • Do they act like they have known the person for a long time by addressing them by their first name? Even though they have just met?
  • Does the talker overly compliment therefore leading the listener to believe they are not sincere?

This evaluation and the subsequent “tagging” of the talker as irritating might seem arbitrary and harsh.

However, it could also serve as a self-evaluation so we don’t become someone whom we feel is irritating.

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