Friday, August 17, 2012

Is bigger really better?

Every time the price jumps at the gas pump I'm amazed at reactions. Those interviewed by the media moan about the high cost of gasoline. There are threats of government intervention, but no talk about building refineries, nuclear power plants, drilling for oil on our own land or using more CNG. These would all help reduce the dollars going to foreign interests that hate us.

Many of the whiners drive big SUVs and pickup trucks. They run 80 on the Interstate and race from stoplight to stoplight burning excessive fuel. Some of the big gas hogs have environmental bumper stickers that proclaim things like "Save the planet," "We live GREEN," "Less pollution is the best solution," and"Let's go green to get our globe clean."

Many folks in the carpet cleaning business invest in direct drive units that suck up fuel when they're driving and while they're cleaning. Others buy gasoline powered truck mounted units. Even with diesel fuel costing what it does today, some are buying big, expensive diesel powered carpet cleaning equipment. That's like using a 155 Howitzer to kill a mouse.

Where will it all end? I don't know and I don't think anyone knows! Oil companies that show less than a 10% profit are criticized by politicians who think 40% taxation is OK. Meanwhile, the oil companies have to make a living and bigger is certainly better for them. They've got to be loving that mentality.

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