Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More on the topic of gun control

An interesting e-mail from a west coast customer about the e-mail by my old Marine buddy:


I know what Frank Spencer is referring to; I know that he knows that the historical facts are equally known by those engaged in disarming the American citizen. Past objectives are the aim of these elitists, cloaked in rhetoric about their "concerns" for safety and protection. An unarmed citizen is unable to resist tyranny. That's what is afoot here and there should be no doubt about it. Half the young cops in LA think it’s a good idea!

The day that someone arrives at your home to confiscate your weapons is the day that we will see who is set to defend. I would venture, very few. Until then, it’s just talk. Should that day come it will provide the spark. The arrogance of these folks is such that I'm afraid they may attempt it. "The history of war can be summed up in two words...... Too Late!

     Too Late..... in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy, foreign or domestic;
     Too Late..... in realizing the mortal danger;
     Too Late..... in preparedness;
     Too Late..... in uniting all possible forces for resistance;
     Too Late..... in standing with one’s friends."

(General Douglas MacArthur)

Hope things are well with you and yours. Stay well my friend.
Jack Hoar

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