Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A note to Kevin

This note was sent to Kevin Stark recently and it really brought back memories to me:

Enclosed is my check for the best and up-to-date equipment. I very much appreciate my association with Bane-Clene and the success it has assisted me in since 1979. This note paper is from my first Mini-Clinic in Lawrence back in '79, a bit out of date. I have great memories with Bane-Clene. Thank you so very much.
Paul Jones, New Life Carpet Cleaning

I remember that meeting in Lawrence, Kansas and the note books we gave to those who attended. I met so many nice people in Lawrence and I have fond memories of Paul. Another name I often see mentioned in trade related articles is "Chavez." I don't know if it is the same person, but a man named Chavez from Kansas impressed me with his knowledge of the business. We had a nice conversation after that meeting.

Besides passing along things that I knew about the business, Mini-Clinics were also a learning experience for me. I got to meet real cleaners with no hidden agenda. (Well, maybe a few salesmen snuck in.) Many of them shared their feelings openly and honestly and for more than 20 years I felt I had my finger on the pulse of our industry.

Thanks Paul for the nice note, your latest equipment purchase and especially for stirring up some great memories of days gone by. We framed your note on the old Mini-Clinic pad and hung it in our break room for everyone to see.

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