Monday, September 10, 2012

Still good advice

We published the following seven tips in the Cleaning Digest in 2002 when an economic downturn followed the 9/11 disaster and things looked pretty bleak. This election season is so negative that even the most optimistic people can be affected. Remember that no matter who wins on November 6, life and business goes on.

  • Stop blaming the economy for business being down. Work a little harder!
  • Customers are the best unpaid advocates you will ever have. Work harder for them.
  • Build trust in every single job that you do and the customer will tell their friends.
  • There is no better advertising than a customer referring you to their friends. And it's free.
  • No one likes cold calls, but there is commercial business out there. Just ask for it!
  • Spend 80% of your time on current customers - only 20% prospecting for new ones.
  • Work on developing a thick skin. Be prepared to hear "NO!" Move on!
  • Set daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals and then try to beat them.

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