Monday, September 17, 2012

I believe in change, too!

This interesting e-mail about our equipment, with my answer, is from someone whom I hope becomes a customer in the future:

Dear Mr. Bill Bane,
I read your blog and you talk a lot about change. I heard about you ever since I got in this business 6 years ago but never bought anything from your company. I live down south and have had a (brand name) and never worried about it freezing. But the price of gas has got to me. I was not convinced I should check out your machine until I had mine serviced the other day. When I said I was thinking about your TM, you would have thought I was nuts from the way that guy blew up. He tore you up one side and down the other and said you're old fashioned and have not changed anything since back in the sixties. But if you lasted in business 50 years, there must be something to what you sell and I want to hear what you say to that.
J. B. Crawford

Mr. Crawford:

Today I looked at some web sites that offer used truck-mounts for sale and it's easy to see that folks are trying to get rid of equipment that uses gasoline and diesel fuel. That may explain why our friendly colleague in the supply business wasn't so friendly toward us.

It's true I don't believe in change just for the sake of change. But in business, change is inevitable and I speak to our classes at Bane-Clene Institute extensively about it. We've made 60 significant changes in our equipment since we built our first two truck-mounted units in 1969.

The outside may have looked the same for the past few years, but under the hood there have been many changes. If you will call 800 428 9512 and talk with one of our customer service reps he will explain all of the changes and answer any other questions you may have.

One of the reasons our system has been successful is that it uses electricity, is very dependable and lasts a long time with little maintenance. Nearly every unit we sold in the '70s is still operational and making money. No other company can make that claim.

Thanks for the e-mail and I look forward to meeting you some day.


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