Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Honoring a customer

The Hilbert's have been Bane-Clene customers since 1976. If there was a mold that could be made for the perfect service company, All American Carpet Cleaning, Inc., of Akron, Ohio would be the model. I met Ken Hilbert at an Ohio Carpet Cleaner's convention in Cleveland in 1974 and we've been friends ever since.

These people are so special. They are among a more successful group of Bane-Clene system owners who follow the formula for success. They've won numerous awards and there have been a myriad of accolades from their customers, many of which have reached my office. A classic example are the remarks on a recent customer report card from a lady in Ohio.

On August 8, 2012, Ann Sedlak of Copley, Ohio checked all the boxes affirmatively on the customer report card that was mailed to her. The questions were: Was out telephone representative courteous and helpful? Was our service operator courteous and efficient? Was our service operator neat and clean? Would you recommend our service to others?

Then she added the following comment:
"I am impressed! My carpet looks brand new. I was going to put a hardwood floor in one room, (he did not clean it). After seeing the rest of the carpet I'm going to have All American Carpet back to clean that room! Thank you!"

Thanks to the Hilbert family and all the rest of you who work so hard to establish and maintain a high and fine reputation in the carpet cleaning industry. If there were more like the Hilberts there might be more carpet and less hardwood.

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