Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another political e-mail

A customer sent this recently. It's a little longer than I like to publish but it says a lot:

Bob and I have been business owners for many years, employing as many as 100 people at one time. Our employees helped to build those businesses, for which they were compensated with competitive wages, benefits, and profit sharing plans; and without our customers there would have been no business.

However, when it comes to actually building the business, we and our fellow business owners are the ones who invested our own money, put in 80 plus hours a week, went without salaries when necessary so that employees could be paid and expenses met, traveled the country seeking customers, took the hits when customers went out of business without paying, and signed personal guarantees for any loans that the businesses required for inventory, expansion, marketing, etc. Everyone who has owned a business or been self employed shares this story.

Anyone who owns a small business has helped create 75 to 80% of all the jobs in this country and has invested "blood, sweat, and tears" into making the business viable and keeping it successful. I believe Mr. Obama does not understand, or does not want to admit, this because he truly believes that our country's strength is not because of our American ingenuity, individualism, work ethic, and sense of personal responsibility. In my opinion, he believes that government is the answer regardless of the question.

He and other like minded leaders have led America to an untenable position of entitlement that has nearly 50% of this great country dependent on government programs. (Have you heard the ads soliciting new enrollees for SNAP, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, formerly known as "food stamps?" And I won't even get started on the EBT card program that is rampant with abuse.) I believe that this goes beyond helping the poor and those with temporary needs and comes down to vote garnering.

There are many of Mr. Obama's policies and remarks with which I strongly disagree, but hearing his statement about us not doing it by ourselves lit a spark in me that I felt compelled to share. I believe that we who are like minded must do whatever we can to ensure that Barack Obama does not gain another term in office. And if you know someone who is leaning toward Obama because of social issues, try to encourage them to look beyond that to the real threat his administration poses to American freedoms, for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Thanks and blessings.


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