Friday, October 26, 2012

Plentiful money

According to the talking heads, our economy sucks, everyone is complaining about high gas prices and there are no jobs or money to do anything. But our streets and highways are so crowded that traffic is grid-locked in most urban areas. It's going to stay like this at least until the election is over.

If the economy ever does recover and full employment does return, the roads will be so crowded we won't be able to get to work. The stimulus bills, cash for clunkers program, bail-outs and extended unemployment compensation packages along with the fact that about half the populace pay no taxes has kept the spending splurge alive and traffic heavy.

Meanwhile government officials are jetting around the country and the world in luxurious aircraft accompanied by an entourage of friends and media. They're enjoying the living standards that were once reserved for royalty. There's no money shortage in Washington. They just print more whenever they need it.

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