Wednesday, October 10, 2012

J & J celebrates

More than 900 associates and their families gathered on the 15th of September at the North Georgia Agricultural Fairgrounds to celebrate J&J Industries' 55th anniversary. Besides prizes and entertainment, many long time employees were honored for their service.

David Jolly, President and CEO said, “J&J is so much more than just a carpet manufacturer. It’s a family of people dedicated to an idea and to each other. This commitment is what makes us strong, and it’s only right that we recognize our Associates and take every opportunity to thank them. Our Family Day is one small part of helping people spend time with their families and re energizing a spirit of community with their fellow employees.”

In 1983, Jim Keener, who is now retired, came to our annual convention and pleased the crowd with a surprise announcement that J & J Industries would be the first carpet manufacturer to publicly endorse the Bane-Clene® System. On several occasions over the years we had tours of their manufacturing facilities in Dalton by Bane-Clene operators from around the world. The friendliness of J&J's staff and management always impressed me.

Congratulations to J&J on their 55th and may you have many, many more years of success.

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