Monday, October 15, 2012

Job "creation"

It must be "new" math they use in Washington. All of the talking heads were excited about the 114,000 new jobs "created" in September. But here are some ominous numbers from September. Those filing for unemployment compensation for the first time the week ending September 8 - 375,000; September 15 - 385,000; September 22 - 363,000; September 29 - 367,000. The total was 1,490,000. That's a long line for the people applying for those 114,000 jobs.

The official unemployment number was announced at "only" 7.8%. The Indianapolis Star used the adjective "soared" to describe the increase in new jobs. I wonder what adjective they'd use if it moved a whole percentage point? When the number was going the other way they said it was "inching." To the liberal press, it depends on the political expediency of the moment.

Do you know what precise scientific procedure the Labor Department uses to arrive at that 7.8% unemployment number? They make 50,000 random telephone calls and ask whomever answers the phone how many in the household are unemployed. Let that soak in awhile. The real number of people not working in this country must be more than 25%.

The crowd in Washington throws the word "created" around as if they were omnipotent. There is only one "Creator" and I seriously doubt that He would dwell in Washington, the headquarters of that cesspool we call politics.

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