Monday, March 11, 2013

E-mail about bait and switch


Just read the monthly newsletter and unfortunately in Nashville we have yet another of these fraudulent cleaners. It seems this person came into some money some time ago and can afford to keep buying new equipment, advertising, etc. to keep new customers coming in, but as is obvious, cannot get repeat customers.

After being found with numerous addresses for his business over the years, one would think the state would step in, but so far he is still feeding the same lies of "being sorry, and making things better," to the public. I cannot understand how he keeps IICRC certification after so many complaints. (This is just another reason most don't lend credibility to the IICRC).

Here are the links to local TV news special reports on this scam company. issues warning about carpet cleaning company

Maybe one day all these frauds can be weeded out and let the honest, hard working people do their jobs without unnecessary problems to battle such as these.

Roy Adams, Nashville, Tennessee

Thanks Roy. Every week I get stuff like this. It won't get better until the following list of MIA organizations make a concerted effort to get rid of BS. The list of scofflaws are ICS, CF, FCN, FCW, CRI, RIA, CFI, CCINW, NEIRC, NYRC, MSPCA, MCRA, LMCCA, CCII, TRSCA, SCRT, PACR, FIO, CRA, PACR and probably a few others I missed.

I call this mess of alphabet soup the DNPA. (Do Nothing Publishers and Associations.) Everyone making a living from carpet should put their shoulder to the wheel. BS causes carpet sales to slump and the carpet mills won't even try to help. Go figure!

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