Friday, March 22, 2013

More on ICS's 50th

There have been quite a few e-mails from customers, and even from some who are not, about the 50th anniversary issue of ICS magazine. Thank you for the many congratulations on being nominated as the industry's most influential person of the past fifty years. Evan Kessler, the publisher of ICS, had some nice things to say that were appreciated, too.

ICS mentioned the "Great Steam Controversy" and one of the e-mails asked, "Why did you fight so hard for the use of the word "steam" and you don't even use it?" So many in the business today never even heard of that era in our industry's history. For the complete story on "steam" click on the "History" link on our home page and scroll down.

It's true that competitors like Deep Steam, Steamex, SteamMatic®, Stanley Steemer®, Steam Services and Steamway benefited from our winning that battle. I'm glad we were able to help because in the free market system no one, not even competitors, should be harassed with threats by the BBB® and FTC when the charges were so inappropriate.

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