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A common demonstration of leadership is to place a piece of string on a table. Pull it, and it’ll will follow you. Push it, and it goes nowhere at all.

Leadership isn’t something that comes automatically just because you have people working for you. If people have to be forced to follow directions, then you are failing as a leader. Leadership depends on the ability to make people want to follow your instructions voluntarily. People who are successful leaders work to inspire their people to make them want to cooperate.

Effective leaders realize that they receive the best efforts from their people by working with them and helping them do their best and be more productive.

Most people want to do a good job as long as they feel appreciated. Good Leadership will be rewarded by your associates always trying to do their best. There might be a few who need to be watched and be reminded to get on the ball. The fewer is always the better.

The need for little pushing usually indicates good leadership.

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