Friday, April 29, 2022


If you encourage good qualities in others and keep faultfinding to a minimum, you possess one of the attributes of good management and leadership. A person’s abilities will stagnant and falter if they are constantly under a siege.

Following this line of thinking, a manager had this young and eager-to-learn assistant. The majority of their company had anointed this person as up and coming. However, the manger was relentless in micro-managing the assistant. Gradually the assistant’s work became increasingly unsatisfactory due to the constant interference of the manager.

A short time later, the manager retired and a new manager took over. For awhile the assistant continued to be mediocre at best. The new manager, recognizing the assistant’s potential, reestablished a pattern of working to encourage the assistant as opposed to discouraging the assistant. Gradually, the assistant regained their ability to excel in the workplace.

The assistant’s first manager, though well intentioned, had broken the spirit of the assistant through the constant faultfinding. The second manager, by contrast, was able to encourage the assistant by only stressing the good in the assistant.

Encourage or discourage? Good managers know that the key to success for them, their employees and the Company is to encourage.

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