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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of Bane-Clene Systems® in Indianapolis, Indiana

Why should I clean my carpet? If carpet is not cleaned on a regular basis, its life span will be lessened and it will “ugly out” sooner. Many things make their way onto your carpet such as outdoor pollutants, allergens, dust mites, chemical contamination, sand, soil, food, bacteria, bio-contaminants and much more. Carpets and fabrics that are not properly cleaned and maintained have the potential to cause a variety of health problems in your home.

How do you price your services? See our pricing guidelines on our web site at www.carpet-cleaning-indianapolis.com.

Do you offer discounts or coupons? There is a coupon on our web site www.carpet-cleaning-indianapolis.com. We also offer discounts to members of AAA and a Seniors’ discount.

Do I have to wait all day for you to arrive? We will call you the night before to give you a two-hour window for our arrival time. If a previous appointment requires more time than anticipated and we are unable to honor your two-hour window, you will receive a phone call updating you on the situation. When we do arrive for your appointment, you will also receive our undivided attention.

What chemicals do you use? We use cleaning products developed by our own chemist to be safe and effective. They are similar to the detergents used in your laundry, but must be low-foaming and leave no soil-attracting residue and meet the requirements of the carpet manufacturers. The primary detergent, PCA™ Formula 5, developed by our chemist, earned the Seal of Approval for superior cleaning from the Carpet and Rug Institute - where “Only the Best Pass the Test”.

What carpet cleaning method do you use? We use warm water extraction, also referred to as “steam cleaning" and or "hot water extraction" which is the method recommended by ALL the carpet manufacturers and fiber producers.

Is your work guaranteed? Under normal circumstances, we feel if we can’t clean it, it is uncleanable.

Do you pick up and deliver rugs? Yes, we provide that service in limited areas.

Do you clean rugs on location? Cleaned rugs should not be allowed to lie on a finished floor to dry. Even though we do not wet the backing, the moisture on the surface may act like a poultice and affect the finish. We also offer both a drop-off service as well as pick-up and delivery service in limited areas. More information on cleaning rugs is on our web site.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express.

Are you insured? Yes. All our technicians are also bonded. We are also charter members of The P.C.A. (Professional Cleaners Association) and are affiliated with the I.I.C.R.C. Our Company is also an Accredited Firm with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Do you dye carpets? We do not dye carpets. We feel that other than possibly spot dyeing a “bleached out” area that dyeing an entire carpet is impractical. Dyes are heat set at the mill level and therefore are impossible to replicate on-location.

Do you guarantee pet odor removal? No one can fully guarantee pet urine removal unless the pet is no longer around, the carpet and pad are removed and the subfloor is properly sealed with Odor Barrier.

What can you do about pet odor and stains? Pet odors, often caused by urine, present a special problem because most homeowners don’t realize when and where their pet has urinated on the carpet. The solution lies in how far down the urine has seeped. If it reaches the padding, the padding may have to be replaced. If it reaches the sub-floor, the wood can absorb it, and in some cases a total carpet replacement will be needed. But regular cleaning can mitigate against this outcome. Bane-Clene Systems has on its trucks specialized pet stain removers and pet urine deodorizers. More information on pet odors and stains are on our web site.

How long does it take for the carpet to dry after cleaning? Try to keep pets, children and heavy traffic off the carpet during the drying process. The carpet may be walked on with white socks while wet. Carpets should be safe to walk on in 6 to 8 hours. However, we recommend waiting 24 hours before removing foam blocks or protective tabs that have been placed under the furniture to protect the carpet and returning the area to normal use.

What furniture do you move? We move items such as sofas, tables and chairs if needed. For liability reasons, we do not move beds, fish tanks, china hutches, entertainment systems, electronics, pianos or other valuable belongings. All we ask is that you remove breakables and knickknacks from the furniture you want moved. Also, any small personal and household items sitting on the carpets to be cleaned should be picked up.

Do fabric protectors really work? If properly formulated and applied, fluoropolymer fabric protectors help keep soil on the surface to make vacuuming more effective, helping to keep them from resoiling as rapidly. They also help to protect your carpet from permanent stains and and they prolong the life of the fabric. In fact, most new carpet has protector on it - applied by the carpet manufacturer. However, protector wears off because of foot traffic on the carpet, frequent vacuuming, etc.

What about reoccurring spots & stains? If a spot returned a day or so after cleaning, it may have been due to the nature of the spot. Deep stains tend to surface if they are in the backing of the carpet. If this happens, please give us a call at 317-546-5448 for followup assistance.

How often should the carpet in my home be cleaned? Your carpet should be professionally cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months. This will vary due to the usage your carpet receives. Factors include number of people, pets, the outdoor environment surrounding your home and how your carpet is maintained in-between cleanings. Carpet manufacturers also recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned adhering to a 12 to 18 months time frame to keep your warranty valid. However, don’t simply wait until your carpet is extremely dirty - the longer the carpet is soiled with particulate matter, abrasive soils and or stains that remain on the carpet, the more dificult it will be to restore the carpet to its original luster and appearance. Finally, allowing the carpet to become overly soiled may result in irreversible and permanent damage to the fibers.

Why shouldn’t I just rent a machine and clean my carpet myself? The maintenance brochure published by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Shaw Industries, recommends professional carpet cleaning over “Do-It-Yourself” because of the potential problems that can occur from using rental equipment - such as yellowing, overwetting, fiber tip damage, severe resoiling, overuse of detergents, etc. Most rental units available do not adequately clean and may actually damage the carpet.

Does my carpet resoil quicker after I clean it? If cleaned by a Certified Proessional, this is not true. Theoretically you cannot clean a carpet too often, in fact the opposite of not having your carpet cleaned is much worse. Periodic cleaning will extend the life of your carpet, while helping to keep your home healthier.

Do I have to be home while my carpet is being cleaned? It is not necessary that you be home while your carpet is cleaned because our cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained and background checked professionals you can trust. In order to provide the best possible cleaning, we do recommend that someone is home before we begin cleaning to discuss any specific needs or areas of concern regarding the care of your carpet.

How often should I have my upholstery cleaned? Upholstery should be cleaned once every 12 months as a part of regular maintenance. Upholstery that shows visible dirt or soiling should be cleaned to avoid dirt building up and causing permanent staining or premature wear.

What are the dark lines along my walls and baseboards and can you remove them? These are called soil filtration lines. Soil filtration on carpet has become a common problem today because homes are much more airtight than in the past and because aromatherapy and burning of candles is so popular today. In fact, an internet search with the search term “aromatherapy candles soot” will bring up several horror stories of severe soot formation in homes and offices where burning of candles is practiced. This is not a carpet defect, but a situation in which dust and other airborne pollutants such as soot from burning candles or from poorly ventilated fireplaces can accumulate on the carpet face fibers in areas with a concentrated flow of air over the carpet or through tiny cracks or other open areas under the carpet. The soiling condition can occur quickly, or it may develop over a period of months or years. The level of soiling is dependent upon the volume of airflow and the level of pollutants in the air. While no one cleaning technique may be successful in all filtration soiling situations, recent innovations in soil- and stain-resist treatments applied to carpet have reduced the effort previously needed to remove the filtration soil. However, the complete removal of contaminants from the soiled areas can be complicated, depending on the type of contaminant materials present. Bane-Clene Systems charges $2.00 per linear foot to attempt to remove them. Though success unfortunately is seldom 100% and is unable to be guaranteed.

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