Monday, June 04, 2012

Business failures

Most failures in the cleaning business happen because the owner gets tired of the daily grind and allows the business to be run by subordinates or simply to stagnate. Anything that quits growing begins the dying process. That's a law of nature that applies to people and business.

Sometimes failure happens because management loses sight of goals. It takes discipline to make yourself go everyday. Some fail because they let finances, especially payroll, get out of hand. They don't plan for contingencies and a surprise expenditure can sink them.

Advice flows like a swift-running stream in the cleaning industry. Be careful from whom you accept counsel. Some of it can be very costly. New business owners will often seek easily attainable knowledge and many times they grow to regret it.

Success is really not that complicated or difficult. Bane-Clene® Institute has taught the 15 keys to success since the school's founding in 1978. Spend three days with us and give yourself an emotional lift, come away with a plan for success and enjoy a break from your business.

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