Friday, June 15, 2012

Dealing with gas prices

Fluctuating gasoline and diesel prices are creating havoc with operating costs. Right now there is exuberance because prices have fallen below the $4 mark. Remember when they bumped $4 the last time and then fell. Talking heads said prices would continue to fall but instead they went right back to $4. The same thing will probably happen again or worse. There are serious predictions that the price of gasoline will go over $5 in the near future.

Cleaning firms large enough to have their own fuel storage should lock in the lowest prices for as long as possible. A small service company should check sites like "GasBuddy®" for current gas prices and plan their routes to take advantage of the lowest price. Sam's Club®, Costco® and some grocery stores with filling stations offer savings to their customers. Plan routes using MapQuest® or use a GPS to know exactly where you're going.

Avoid giving "on-location" estimates by doing as many of them as possible on the telephone or by e-mail. Clean furniture and area rugs on-location if possible to save that return delivery trip. Most important, slow down and drive under the speed limit. Jack rabbit starts and stops use extra fuel and cause excessive wear and tear on tires, brakes, transmissions and engines. Be sure never, never leave the vehicle idling.

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