Friday, June 29, 2012

Free enterprise

I'm not picking on baseball because other sports are bad, too. But, as I watched a game the other evening, the announcers were talking about a player getting $20 million a year. Teams throw dollars around like they were Monopoly® money but when they want to build a new stadium they ask taxpayers to pick up the tab.

Professional golf is the exception. Games are played on private or public courses that are used most of the time by regular folks. A professional golfer's winnings are determined by attendance, TV coverage and sponsorship of the event. The money is split by the entire field according to the individual player's finish. And they all pay their own expenses.

In true free enterprise, baseball, football and basketball teams would build a stadium which they would pay for themselves. Attendance, TV revenue, hot dogs, beer and souvenirs would have to support the team. If they had a mortgage on the ball park and taxpayers weren't picking up the tab for their playground they'd be more prudent in what they pay players.

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