Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Things must be picking up for many of us in the cleaning business. Thirty-seven e-mails in the past month have asked for advice on hiring people. Many of you are expanding or taking on outside help for the first time. Where to find good people is one of the topics covered in my class at Bane-Clene Institute along with how to recruit them and where to interview the prospects.

After you find the person you want to hire, be careful what you say in an interview. For example, don't ask what kind of an accent they have or even if they prefer "Ms., Mrs. or Miss," because it may be politically incorrect or even illegal. Be sure you have an employment agreement for new employees to sign which may prevent the loss of customers somewhere down the road.

Have an employee handbook so they understand the policies and rules of your company. Be specific about your expectations and the consequences of not fulfilling obligations. Spell out pay, promotion and day to day procedures. Check your insurance to be sure you have worker's compensation coverage in case an employee is hurt on the job.

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