Friday, November 16, 2012


What's going on with the "History" channel on television lately? I used to enjoy the programs that actually explored history from ancient to modern times. Wars from our own Revolutionary war to Desert Storm were exhibited in interesting formats.

Now since NBC took over programs are dominated by people killing alligators in swamps, Alaskan truckers, pawn shops in Louisiana and Las Vegas and "pickers" who buy old junk for cash. I wonder how much of that cash is reported on tax forms, and is the sales tax paid?

Back in the great depression there were people known as "Rag Pickers." They walked the back alleys of neighborhoods singing out, "Rags and old iron." They would buy cloth, metal and junk of all kinds for pennies from people who were suffering from the hard times.

I remember my dear grandmother chiding me to pay attention in school or, "You'll grow up to be a rag picker." Maybe NBC is just preparing us for the future.

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