Friday, November 02, 2012


Here's the second e-mail on the same subject which is very timely:

Mr. Bernanke says inflation is under control and is running at only 2 % to 3 % a year. Washington DC is like a huge rock and he must have his head squarely under that rock or in someplace where the sun never shines. Everything we buy costs considerably more than the last time we bought it. Some things have doubled or tripled in price.

If you don't think we're on the doorstep of real inflation, think again. All the sign posts are out and indicate it is already upon us. A 600 million lottery prize, athletes paid 20 million to play baseball or football, a million dollars for winning a four day golf tournament and government executives paid millions of dollars to leave their jobs spell disaster and hyper-inflation.

Mr. Bernanke recently refinanced his mortgage. He showed a net worth of somewhere between one and three million dollars. That's a big somewhere! No wonder the Fed can't keep track of their banks and all the loose money floating around.

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