Monday, December 10, 2012

Worth repeating

Remember that giant sucking sound?

Ross Perot made it famous in 1992. Since then, millions of jobs have fled the country and twelve million illegal immigrants have taken their place. Announced inflation is under 3%, but nearly everything I buy seems to cost a whole lot more than it did the last time. Property taxes on my home went up more than 40% last year. Truck prices increased more than 1,000% in the last four decades and gasoline....well! But "they" say we don't have serious inflation.

In 1988, I read The Shadows of Power* by James Perloff. It was a book about war, banking, politics, greed, influence and especially the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), a devoted proponent of one-world government. Perloff took a hard look at the history of CFR and supplied references for every allegation he made. He did a detailed expose' on the financiers of the wars of the 20th century. Viet Nam vets may be surprised, maybe even shocked, by the source of some of the financing for the North Vietnamese army.

Today there is the fading economy, financial turmoil, the housing debacle, antics of the Federal Reserve Board, illegal immigration, high fuel prices and tax rebates for people who don't pay taxes. Add corporate welfare, China, India and the general situation in the Middle East and they all seem to say Mr. Perloff was right in his assessment of the "Establishment" (CFR). He says they don't care which party is in power. If you look at the credentials on both sides they likely include being a member of CFR.

This book was never very popular because most people don't like the truth. It's not an easy read and can even be a little depressing. But, if you really want to understand why politics, the economy and our society are all heading in the direction they are, then this is a must read.

*Published by Western Islands, Appleton, Wisconsin ISBN 0-88279-134-6. The book is available, new and used, on and through most book stores.

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